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September 11, 2013 03:15 PM
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August 02, 2013 02:11 PM
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New Fluenta Ultrasonic Flowmeters

(last updated: February 27, 2012 10:26 AM)

Contact the Valtronics sales team and request the new Fluenta Ultrasonic FGM-160 Flowmeter for offshore applications. 

Fluenta’s Flare Gas Meter is an essential tool for operators seeking to accurately track gases being emitted through a flare or stack, detect leaks during mass balance calculations, and provide accurate measurement even at very low flow rates in flare/vent systems. Accurate measurement, in turn, enhances the operator’s ability to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Among the advantages that Fluenta’s ultrasonic meter provides are:

  • Fluenta requires only 15 diameters of straight pipe run compared to 30 diameters others require.
  • 3940:1 Turn down – measuring 0.1 – 394 Ft/sec
  • Fluenta uses 1 set of transducers to cover the entire range compared to other multipath options
  • Wetted but non-intrusive to the flow of the measured gas compared to others that are inserted 1/3 ID into the flow
  • Compliant with TCEQ/AQMD/BOEM/EPA requirements

For more information on the FGM-160, Click Here to download the attached brochure.

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